Class Descriptions

Floorplay 🔥

Where we strip everything off the pole and take it to the floor 😉

This is the other half of pole dancing great for newbies and existing dancers!

Purity Studio Andover – 4 week course = £40.00 – Thursdays 19:15pm to 20:15pm – 1 space available – Join below to grab yours 🔥

Poleplay 🔥

Where you can learn to Pole Dance Your way 🥰

Whilst everyone is welcome to Poleplay, I have ensured as an instructor with a disability and chronic illness that my classes are inclusive to those like me and accessible to all 💛

There will be:

✨ A longer warm up and cool down

✨ Less moves verses a regular pole session, giving us more time to play and find your way

✨ Time to focus on our mindset, so we can empower ourselves through challenging moments 🤗

Location: Purity Studio Andover – 5 week course = £87.50 – Thursdays 18:05pm to 19:10pm – 2 spaces available – Join below to grab yours! 🔥

All classes will include giggle inducing functional & conditioning moves to support our current learning and everyday living. We will play with movements that involve our entire body, enhancing our control, awareness, balance, strength and much more! All whilst dancing together and adventuring forward as the wonderfully unique humans we are!

What’s required for all classes?

Wear what makes you feel like you! Try to avoid anything that is a distraction or uncomfortable, smooth is best for floor elements 😉

Kneepads are essential after your first block!


Pillow/cushion for a super comfy cool down!

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